How Long Does a Weed High Last and How Strong Will It Be?

There are many factors that affect the duration and intensity of a cannabis high. Whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran, there are no guarantees on how long a high will last. Here are some things to consider so you can take note and plan accordingly for that next high.

Method of Consumption

There are many different cannabis products that vary in their consumption method. Smoking weed or vaping weed extracts leads to cannabinoids being introduced directly to the bloodstream and tend to take effect quickly. Depending on potency, effects may take hold in mere minutes, reach apex around the 30-minute mark, and taper off over the next two to five hours. Edibles are introduced through the digestive system and will take much longer (anywhere from 45 to 90mins) to kick in. The peak tends to be around 3 hours after consumption and typically last six to eight hours.

Body Type

Factors like gender, age, height, and weight all affect the effects of cannabis. Cannabinoids uniquely interact with brain receptors. These receptors are also uniquely affected by certain sex hormones and since men and women have different sex hormones it leads to differing reactions based on gender. The other factors affect your high due to the changes in rates of respiration and metabolism that are dependent on age, weight, and height.


Frequency of consumption, years of consumption, body chemistry, and age all play a role in a body’s cannabis tolerance. Frequent and longtime cannabis connoisseurs will have a much higher tolerance than someone who has tried smoking weed a few times. As such, those who rarely consume cannabis products usually have a stronger and longer cannabis high.

Strain Type and Cannabinoids

Different strains have different types and percentages of cannabinoids. THC, one of the most popular types of CBD, is known to create a psychoactive, or mind-altering high that alters perception and skews sensory awareness. While only discussing THC, a higher percentage typically results in a stronger and sometimes longer high. Unfortunately, other factors like CBD:THC ratio of a strain also affect the potency and duration of a strain.

Mood and Environment

There are times when a strain will seemingly produce different effects just days apart. This may be due to your mood and environment. Depending on whether you were feeling happy or upset, comfortable or anxious, relaxed in nature, or stressed in a crowd, a strain can produce different effects and may be the difference between a good time and a seemingly never-ending bad trip.


Seasoned cannabis consumers know what works best to achieve their best high, but casual users should start with smaller dosages and work their way up slowly. This is especially the case with edibles. It is recommended that you start with a lower dosage and add in small increments (after waiting the recommended time) and work your way up until you find the high you want.

So, to answer the questions of: how long will a high last, and how intense will it be? In short, it depends!