How to Mix Coffee and Cannabis
Here are four simple ways to incorporate cannabis into your cup of coffee.


  1. Add cannabutter. Cannabutter or cannabis-infused butter offers some healthy proteins and fats. This can replace the cream or powdered creamers in your coffee. Cannabutter can also add some richness and depth to your cup of Joe.

  2. Add cannabis-infused chocolate. If you have a bit of time in the morning, try melting a chocolate edible and add it to your coffee. This will create a cannabis-infused, mocha-like concoction and will add some sweetness and depth to your coffee.

  3. Use a THC-infused honey straw. The cannabis industry is wildly innovative, and one result is a THC-infused Honey Straw. Imagine a pixie stick, but with THC-infused honey! These can be used to discretely add some THC and sweetness to your cup, and you’ll have a bonus straw for casual sipping!

  4. Add THC-infused sugar. This is often overlooked, but very practical and convenient. Simply replace your sugar with THC-infused sugar but do mind your dosage!

While these are some fun ways to change up your coffee with some cannabis, just remember that your local cannabis dispensary may carry some quick and convenient options!