Hash 101

Hash or Hashish has been around for many centuries and has a long history of use in countries like Morocco, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Israel, and Lebanon. Hash can be homemade or bought from a weed delivery service and has a good shelf life when stored correctly.  

What is Hash?

Hash is a cannabis concentrate that is ingested by smoking or eating, in some cases. It comes from the cannabinoid-rich trichomes that are found on the cannabis plant. The trichomes are crushed and pressed into flour-like dust that is then formed into bricks or cakes. A benefit of using Hash is knowing that this potent cannabis concentrate is made without solvents and does not carry toxic residue.  

How is Hash made?

There are many methods of producing Hash. Traditionally, Hash is made by pressing or rubbing the flowering female cannabis plant between two hands and collecting the sticky trichomes. The trichomes are then rolled into a small ball of Hashish called charas. There are also tools and machines that are specifically used for mechanically processing Hash. This is done through drysifting with a screen or in a motorized tumbler. There are also other methods such as ice water separation, heat and pressure separation, static electricity sieving, or acoustical dry sieving.  

How do you consume Hash?

Hash can be consumed by eating or smoking. Not all Hashish can be consumed orally as they are not all decarbonated during the manufacturing process. Smoking Hash is the most popular option. Hash can be smoked in a pipe, bong, vaporizer, or in joints. When smoked, Hash is often mixed with tobacco, as pure Hashish will burn poorly if burned alone.  

Where can you buy Hash?

Most dispensaries and weed delivery services will carry some form of Hash. While browsing, just remember that typically, Blonde/Brown hash is used in joints, while Black Hash is best in bongs or pipes. Try them out to find your favourite!