How to Host a Cannabis-Friendly Party

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, cannabis use has become more common and socially accepted. You will also see an increase in cannabis-friendly parties. But like any other party, this will take planning. Whether simple or elaborate, you will want to have the right foods, beverages, weed, and tools.

Here is a guide to hosting your own cannabis-friendly party:
1) Casual Get-Together:

A simple party can consist of a game-day event or even a poker night with an offering of cannabis during or after. Guests may or may not consume cannabis at the party but do provide advance warning that there will be cannabis use. Make sure there is enough water for hydration and as the host, you should keep an eye on alcohol consumption and discourage heavy drinkers from using cannabis. Also, arrange for safe transportation home for your guests!

2) Simple Dinner Party:

Whether inviting via phone call, text, or email, a dinner party requires some sort of invitation. This offers the opportunity to spell out your party plans. You can note whether the party is bring-your-own-cannabis, or if cannabis will be provided. Perhaps it will be a simple potluck or barbeque where everyone brings a dish. With an invitation, you can spell out your exact expectations as a host. As always, remember to provide generous amounts of water and snacks to combat the munchies.

3) Formal Dinner Party:

When you are a cannabis connoisseur, there is no reason to not have a formal dinner party built around it. Printed invitations can be made and sent, just be sure to note cannabis will be the star of the party! Other things to include are the dress code, menu, and safe driving needs. The menu should include items with decent fat content, like steak or salmon, to help offset the effects of cannabis. Also, consider serving nutritious canapes or side dishes that will pair well with your chosen cannabis strains. Cannabis-infused foods and beverages can also be provided, just be sure to label things so diners can monitor their cannabis intake!

After the meal, party guests can move to the smoking room or designated smoking area and consume the strains of their choice. Set out the strains in bowls with labels or cards with descriptions to help your guests decide what they want to try. Do remember to provide the necessary tools such as blunts, rolling papers, lighters, and pipes. Remember it is a party, so plan ahead and have a good time!