Simple Ways to Conceal Your Cannabis Smoke

While different strains may have a fruity aroma, that does not disguise the smell of ganja smoke. A tale as old as time, people have been trying to hide the smell of weed for ages. It tends to stick to everything, clothes, sheets, and even walls. Whatever the reason, here are a few ways to minimize the smoke and smell.

1) Sploofs – Commonly used by regular smokers, a sploof or sploofy is somewhat of a muffler for smoke. It acts as a filter and there are guides to creating one or some may be able to find one at a local dispensary. Be warned that sploofs are somewhat silly-looking, inconvenient, and not 100% effective.

2) Scent Covers – Also called “masking scents,” these are commonly used while hunting, but the base idea of covering up a scent with another can also be applied to cannabis smoke. Candles (try to find one that complements your strain aroma), incense, and plug-in air fresheners are all viable options. Note that plug-in air fresheners do not mask smells immediately, but they work to gradually reduce the smells over time.

3) Use Nature – Fresh air is great, and everyone should have more of it. While one should have their windows open before, during, and after smoking – weather permitting, this is often forgotten. There are very few things that dispel scents quite like fresh air and wind. While smoking cannabis outdoors may not always be possible, another option is to bring nature indoors. There are plants and foliage, like evergreens and eucalyptus, that counter or absorb smells.

4) Stop Smoking – Cannabis can be consumed in many ways. Edibles and scent-less cannabis vapes are other great ways to achieve a high without any lingering smoke.

While cannabis is legal in Canada, lingering smells and smoke generally do not appeal to the masses. There is no shame in keeping a clean and pleasant environment!