Gas Garden Diamond Sauce – Multiple Flavours Available * NEW PRICE *

Gas Gardens Diamonds Sauce is a 50/50 blend of THCA Crystals and Terp Sauce. Other names for this HCFSE (High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract) are Terp Sauce, Diamonds or just Sauce. Typical Cannabinoid purity is between 80% – 95%. This is one of the hottest brand-new product category around. HCFSE is a high potency cannabis extract that is extremely high in aromatic terpenes. This potent sauce may contain up to 60% or more of these tasty and smelly molecules than standard shatter or wax products; creating an immensely potent and flavorful experience.

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Blue Lotus, Blue Rhino, Lemon Zinger, Pink Gas, Tahoe OG, Durban Poison, El Jefe, Monster Cookies, Tuna


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