Concentrate Harder: An Intro to Cannabis Concentrates

When people think of cannabis, the majority imagine a blunt or joint. But let's talk about some concentrates!

Once upon a time, people decided to take the fun bits of flower and make concentrated cannabis products. Concentrates typically have a much high potency than the traditional method of smoking. They also have a better shelf life because cannabis concentrates are processed to some extent. While concentrates cost more per gram than dried flower, concentrates provide the bonus of a quicker high due to their concentrated nature!

Also, there are so many options and there are new ones in the works at this very moment.


Everyone is familiar with vapes by this point. It is no surprise that there are cannabis vape cartridges. Most are sleek and cool looking for a quick and discrete way of getting high!


Basically, cannabis essential oils are extracted and converted into thin, translucent slabs that are then shattered into small pieces. These pieces of shatter are typically sold in small portions, mostly 1g, as they are incredibly potent.


This gets a bit complicated, but you can imagine Budder and Badder as an oilier and softer type of concentrate. Imagine cookie batter. The softer, buttery consistency makes it easier to spread on joints of blunts and dabbed.

Diamond Sauce

Picture a slightly thick sauce with some crystals and you have the basic idea of Diamond Sauce. Dabbing Diamond Sauce is a quick and explosive way of getting high. It is filled to the brim with more natural terpenes along with THC and essential cannabinoids.

Long story short, there are many, many more concentrates out there, and you won't find your favourite unless you go try them all!