The Differences Between Smoking Weed and Eating Edibles

Who doesn’t like candy, chocolate, and baked goods? Cannabis comes in several formats with different pros and cons depending on the method of consumption. Let’s do a comparison to find out why you would choose one method over the other and what will work best for you!  

Why Smoke Cannabis

Smoking marijuana is a tradition found across many cultures throughout history. Smoke is found in rituals and ceremonies in the forms of incense, burning wood, and herbal fragrances. Many cultures incorporate smoke into their rituals and ceremonies as it is believed to lift into the sky and reach the spirits and gods.  

There are also reasons to smoke cannabis without the need for rituals and ceremonies. Smoking cannabis protests restrictions on personal freedoms. Cannabis is also used for many medical problems, sometimes as a replacement for prescription medications and pain killers.  

Why Eat Edibles

Edibles are an alternative way to consume cannabis. They are ideal for when you are in a non-smoking environment or for those who cannot smoke for whatever reason. People may want to avoid clinging smoke, avoid smoker’s debris and ash, or even protect their lungs. Edibles provide a quick and simple way to achieve that marijuana high. Consuming edibles will also ensure a measured dosage of THC or CBD, depending on the cannabis product. And who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat here and there?  

How Smoking Weed Works

When you smoke weed, the THC-laced smoke is consumed by the body. Your bloodstream absorbs the THC through your lungs, and this dilates the blood vessels ad increases the blood pressure as the THC races towards the brain. The THC in your bloodstream triggers a generation of endocannabinoids and this is what causes the ‘high’ sensation.  

How Edibles Work

Unlike smoking cannabis, edibles are digested. The digestion process takes longer and when compared to smoking cannabis, so the cannabis effects arrive much slower. The digestive process begins in the stomach, but the THC metabolizes in the liver before being released into the bloodstream so the high is slow to appear but will last longer than from smoking.  

Which Method is Better?

Like many things in life, it depends. Consider the time, place, and occasion to decide on the best choice, but there is no harm in being prepared so the next time you visit a Weed Dispensary, why not grab both?