A Guide to Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates

There are many types of cannabis concentrates and Live Resin is one of them. It is popular with consumers and producers as it preserves the flavours and aromas of the cannabis plant better than other cannabis concentrates and it tends to be cheaper and easier to make.

What is Live Resin?

Cannabis concentrates are usually named after their textures or consistencies. There is shatter which is hard and brittle. Batter is thick and gooey. Diamond Sauce is saucy with some crystalline bits. Live Resin is somewhere between a wax and a sauce – not quite like taffy and yet not as wet as sauce.

Live Resin can appear in a variety of colours ranging from dark yellow to off-white. And like most cannabis concentrates, live resin is fairly sticky so you will need a dab tool.

They are potent and contain a lot of THC. Consumers tend to enjoy live resin as it has intense flavours and aromas that are carried over from the original cannabis plant.

Benefits of Live Resin

When compared to some other cannabis concentrates, live resin is more flavourful and has more terpenes. This cannabis extraction has been made with the intent to retain the flavour profile of the original cannabis plant and it succeeds. Live resin concentrates effectively keep cannabinoids intact while still being potent.

How to Use Live Resin

This cannabis concentrate can be used in a few different ways:


The most popular way to consume live resin is by dabbing. Required tools include a dab rig, torch, and nail, or an e-nail or e-rig. Don’t forget a dab tool because it is sticky!

Vaping With a Dab Pen

Live resins can also be consumed via dab pen. This device is like a vape pen but is specifically for concentrates. Simply use a dab tool to add the live resin to the dab pen, adjust the temperature, hit the button, and inhale.

Topping Off

You can also add live resin on top of a bowl, joint, or blunt for some extra potency and terpenes.

How to Store Live Resin

This cannabis concentrate should be kept in an air-tight container in the fridge. This will help preserve the terpenes and keep it smelling and tasting great for a while. Avoid leaving the lid off as this will expose the live resin to air, light, and heat. These will degrade the terpenes and may cause your concentrate to dry out and harden.

Live Resin is available in some cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery services near you so go ahead and get some, you may find yourself a new favourite cannabis concentrate!