How to Select High Quality Weed from Your Dispensary
1) Choose your cannabis dispensary wisely.

Weed shops and weed delivery services are seemingly everywhere. They are not all the same, nor do they carry the same quality standards. Choose a weed dispensary that has a good reputation or one that has been recommended by someone you trust.  

2) Do your own research.

We live in the information age and almost anything can be found with a few keystrokes. There is a plethora of information on cannabis strains, cannabis concentrates, weed edibles, and more. Hop online and check out the weed strains or cannabis products you are interested in!  

3) Make a smaller purchase.

When in doubt, move with caution. Cannabis is available in several different weights. Rather than committing to an ounce of a certain strain, try a quarter (or 7g) of weed first! You can also make a purchase of edibles to see how the dispensary treats you as a customer. Higher quality customer service often translates to high-quality products. 

4) Read the provided information.

Labels are valuable sources of information. They will include the type of strain (indica, sativa, or hybrid), and THC and CBD levels. Understanding what is on each label will help you select the product and effects you want. Also, take note of the packaging itself. Bagged cannabis is prone to be lower quality as buds are often jostled and sometimes crushed. Canned cannabis is typically superior to bagged products.  

5) Talk to your budtender.

Budtenders, aka the employees at a cannabis dispensary, will be highly knowledgeable. They can recommend strains according to your preferences or even just let you know which strains are currently popular. Most budtenders go above and beyond and sample strains to provide the best information!  

At the end of the day, remember that quality is subjective. Some people may want higher levels of THC, while others are searching for the best value. If the weed you smoke works for you, it can be considered quality weed!