What To Do If You Are Too High

Honestly, we’ve all been there. Maybe you held that bong rip for too long, or you’ve overconsumed some tasty edibles. Perhaps the concentrates you’re trying for the first time are just a tad too potent or maybe you just have a low tolerance to cannabis. Even the best of us have overindulged and found ourselves too high, but don’t worry cannabis is not lethal and the effects will fade with time. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you or a friend when on the verge of greening out!  

1) Don’t Panic

Cannabis effects will dissipate within minutes to hours. There are no long-lasting effects, so you’ll naturally feel better as time passes. Keep in mind that there have been absolutely no reported cannabis overdose deaths!  

2) Hydrate and Have Some Snacks

A nice cold drink, preferably non-caffeinated, will help you combat cotton mouth and ground you with the simple act of sipping and swallowing. Also remember to avoid alcohol while greening out as this can increase the concentration of THC in your blood. Snacking has been noted to help ground the mind and body while also providing the familiar actions of chewing and swallowing.  

3) Keep Calm and Rest

Find a nice quiet area where you can rest and simply breathe. Take deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Focus on breathing and give yourself a moment to rest your mind and body. While sleeping it off may be your best option, it is not always easy to turn your mind off. A calm environment may help you get a much-needed nap.  

4) Go For a Walk

If your mind is racing, a walk outside and some fresh air may help. Just remember to buddy up and stay safe in areas that you are familiar with. Avoid this option if you are feeling light-headed or unable to stand properly!  

5) Find a Distraction

A simple activity may be exactly what you need while waiting to come back down to earth. Try watching some sitcoms, listening to your favourite songs, playing games, or talking to some friends. These familiar activities will help your mind gain some positive vibes and provide a gentle reminder that you are safe and fine.  

Certainly, it would be best to avoid overconsuming cannabis but sometimes you are just caught by surprise, and it happens. Remember to read your labels and know your limits and adjust them if you haven’t consumed cannabis in a while!