A Quick Guide to Cannabis Edible Dosage

Edibles are a fun and discrete way of consuming cannabis. They produce safe and long-lasting effects when consumed responsibly. Caution should be exercised as they can lead to trouble if you’re not careful. Over-consumption will not hurt your body, but you may experience unwanted and unpleasant side effects. It is highly recommended that you know what dose works best for you.  

Find the Best Dose for You

Edibles can be found in different milligram dosages. What may work for a friend may not work for you. It is important to understand everyone has an ideal dose that is best suited for them and their body. The strength of an edible is affected by many factors including the type of edible, dosage, tolerance, body weight, and metabolism. When consuming an edible for the first time, start with a small dose and carefully work your way up.  

Basic Guidelines for Milligrams of THC

1 – 2.5 mg THC edibles

- Effects: Mild relief of pain, stress, and anxiety symptoms. Depending on the strain increased focus and creativity

- Who it’s for: First-time consumers or those looking to microdose  

5 mg THC edibles

- Effects: Stronger relief of pain, stress, and anxiety symptoms. May invoke feelings of euphoria. May impair coordination and alter perception

- Who it’s for: Normal recreational users, those affected by medical symptoms not addressed by lower doses, and people looking for a good night’s sleep  

10 mg THC edibles

- Effects: Strong euphoric effects. Tends to significantly impair coordination and perception

- Who it’s for: High tolerance THC consumers (both recreational consumers and medical patients)  

20 mg THC edibles

- Effects: Very robust euphoria. It will likely impair coordination and alter perception

- Who it’s for: People with substantial THC tolerances  

50 – 100 mg THC edibles

- Effects: Seriously impaired coordination and perception

- Who it’s for: Experienced, high-tolerance THC consumers. Commonly used for patients living with cancer, and inflammatory disorders  

If it is your first time taking edibles, it is best to start low and go slow. Wait at least an hour after taking edibles, and if you don’t feel what you want, take another small dose. Make sure you read the label for THC dosage per piece and follow the recommended dosages. Remember that edibles can always be cut into smaller portions for THC mg control.