Easy Ways to Intensify Your Weed High

If you are a long-time cannabis user, you may already know these tips and tricks, but if you are a novice, here are some easy ways to intensify your cannabis high without breaking the bank.

Choose the right strain.

Solely relying on THC percentage can be counterintuitive. Different cannabinoids exist in different strains and have varying effects that may decrease your high. A general guide is to choose Indica strains when looking for relaxation or help with medical problems, or Sativa strains when looking for a boost in energy. Try various strains and make note of the ones with the effects you want.

Prep your weed carefully.

Take your time while prepping and grinding your buds. The high comes in higher concentration from the buds. Minimize the amounts of stem and leaves that go into your joint. This will increase the quality of your high.

Try a different method of consumption.

Periodically change things up. When smoking, try holding the inhale longer. Take the time to stop and smell the roses, or in this case the flower. Smoking weed is something to be enjoyed and people tend to forget that. Switching it up to edibles, dabs, or vapes may also intensify your high.

Take a break.

The human body naturally builds up a tolerance to all things. Hitting pause and taking a break from consuming cannabis will decrease your tolerance and increase your next high.

The next time your high is feeling a bit low, give these easy tricks a try.