The Rise of Cannabis Culture

While recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, there is still plenty of stigma against cannabis users or "potheads." Traditional views are not easy to overcome, but we will get there. The general trend is that the older the surveyed age group, the greater the disapproval rate. This can be largely attributed to exposure to cannabis through pop culture. An example would be stoner movies; these have helped increase the acceptance of cannabis, especially in younger adults. Surveys have even shown that a majority of people consider alcohol to be more dangerous than cannabis!

Celebrity endorsements also haven't hurt one bit! In fact, several household names actively endorse cannabis use and legalization. And some even have their own cannabis brands! Here are just a few that may be available near you:

Snoop Dog - Leafs by Snoop - cannabis flowers, cannabis oils, and edibles

Willie Nelson - Willie's Reserve - outdoor-grown cannabis flower, edibles, hemp coffee, and more

Seth Rogen - Houseplant - recreational cannabis strains, pre-rolled joints, and soft gels

Wiz Khalifa - KKE - THC oils made from Sensi Star and Jean Guy

While you may have a preferred online weed delivery service, keep an eye out for these celebrity-endorsed cannabis products. While not all are superior, at least it comes with bragging rights!