Get 1 OZ of High Society 416 flower at a deeply discounted price! These ounces are pre-set 4x 7g cans and cannot be altered. Last Call bundles are first come, first served, and may not always be available. Check back often for your chance to get high-quality buds for a fraction of the price!

Preorders Only!
Last Call bundles cannot be stacked with other discounts or promos!
All sales are FINAL!

Included in this Last Call Bundle are:
1x 7g Katsu Bubba (Indica) Reg Price $65 AAA
1x 7g Orange Cookies (Sativa) Reg Price $70 AAAA
1x 7g Platinum Kush Mints (Indica) Reg Price $70 AAAA
1x 7g Gelato x Dosido (Hybrid) Reg Price $75 AAAA


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