Cannabis Red Eyes

A visible indicator of being high is the classic red eyes. It is a well-known side effect of smoking weed, but what does it mean?

Fortunately for weed lovers everywhere, there are no serious health risks that come with bloodshot weed eyes.

Scientifically there are some interesting things happening to your body when you smoke weed. People typically feel an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. These are the direct result of the flower's cannabinoids, which are the active chemical compounds in cannabis plants. The most common cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). After a few minutes, your heart rate and blood pressure should calm down, and as your blood pressure decreases, your blood vessels and capillaries should dilate. Capillaries including the ones in your eyes; these are called ocular capillaries! So basically, the tiny blood vessels in your eyes are expanding, which causes an increased blood flow, which in turn causes red eyes. Science!

Cannabis products, such as edibles, vapes, and concentrates can also give you red eyes. This is directly related to the amount of THC in the products. But remember that not all cannabis products contain the same THC levels and depending on the consumed product, you may or may not get red eyes. You may notice that sometimes you have redder eyes than others. This is said to be directly related to the THC levels in the cannabis product that you have consumed. Typically, the greater the THC levels in a product, the greater the high and the redder your eyes!

To sum it up, if you have red eyes, no worries! But if you are trying to avoid announcing that you have smoked or consumed cannabis recently, people typically use eye drops that are specifically for reducing eye redness. Another option is sunglasses, but you may have to ignore a few strange looks if you are wearing shades indoors!

Happy toking!