How To Use a Bong

While there are many cannabis products to choose from dried cannabis flower continues to be the best-selling product. One method of consuming dried cannabis flower is by smoking it in a bong. Bongs may seem intimidating at first glance but using a bong is a very straightforward and enjoyable way to consume cannabis.  

Bongs are also known as “water pipes” and are mainly used for smoking cannabis. They are water filtration devices that use water to cool and filter smoke. This is said to produce a smoother and cleaner-tasting smoking experience.  

Instructions for using a Bong:  

1) Prep your bong.

Pour some water into the mouthpiece until the bottom of the downstem is fully submerged.  

2) Grind your weed.

Take a small amount of weed, grind or break it up and fill the bowl. Do not pack it too tightly.  

3) Light up your weed.

Use a lighter to ignite a corner of the bowl and place your mouth against the mouthpiece. Make sure your mouth has a tight seal against the mouthpiece.  

4) Clear the chamber.

When the chamber starts to fill up with smoke, slide the bowl out of the downstem, and inhale.  

5) Exhale.

After hold the inhale, exhale and repeat steps 4 & 5 as desired.  

6) Clean your bong.

Keep your bong clean and change the water regularly.


That’s it, simple right? Bongs are a great and fun way to smoke weed. They come in many shapes and sizes so keep an eye out while shopping for weed online or in your cannabis dispensaries!