Strain Spotlight: Mike Tyson

Did you know Mike Tyson is infamously known for smoking $40,000 worth of cannabis a month? He is an outspoken cannabis advocate! So, it should be no surprise that he has a strain named after him.

Mike Tyson, also known as Tyson, is an extremely rare 100% Indica strain. Tyson is said to be a descendant of the infamous OG Kush strain. This strain is touted as one that will knock you out! When you get a whiff of this bud, you should notice a pungent diesel aroma with hints of skunk. Flavour-wise, it is like its smell and tastes like a spicy pungent diesel with a skunky aftertaste that lingers long after you toke.

Effects include a slow creeping body-high that eventually hits you like a truck. This leaves you with a heavy sense of couchlock and lethargy. Though strong, most people are still functional after smoking this strain; they will just be incredibly relaxed and pain-free while completing any tasks!

Have I mentioned that this is a super rare strain? Yes? Well, it is worth the repeat. This strain is straight fire. Anyone who is aware of Tyson knows that if a dispensary or weed delivery service has it in stock, it will quickly be out of stock! Because of Mike Tyson's rarity and 100% Indica status, it is incredibly hard to find. While it will be a bit pricier than your average buds, it is worth it.

10/10 would recommend!