How Does Humidity Affect Cannabis?

The relationship between humidity and cannabis is a bit complicated. Marijuana plants both like and dislike humidity, while dried cannabis flower has an ideal humidity level. Cannabis consumers should, at the very least, understand how humidity affects their dried buds, so let’s get into it!


Found in the trichomes of the female cannabis plant, terpenes are naturally occurring compounds. Terpenes are important because they are responsible for the distinct smell of each strain. The flavour profiles of cannabis strains can be enhanced by maximizing and preserving terpene levels!  

How does Humidity Affect Weed?

Humidity has a direct effect on cannabis quality. If your buds are overly dried, they tend to lose their rich flavours and delicious aromas. Dried buds have a sweet spot when it comes to humidity. Ideally, when storing cannabis, there should be a relative humidity of 58%-62%. Maintaining this range of relative humidity will protect against trichome damage, terpene loss, overly dry buds, and mold. Anywhere below 55% relative humidity will result in loss of weight and lower quality buds. If the relative humidity is above 65%, there is a risk of mold.  

How Do I Protect My Weed?

The good news is that the weed you buy from a dispensary or online weed delivery service will be sealed in a bag or can. Some online dispensaries, like High Society 416, also add a humidity pack into their premium canned products. These humidity packs protect your cannabis terpenes by maintaining a relative humidity of 62% within the resealable cans.  

Common Humidity Packs Used

Boveda Terpene Shield

Only the original terpene shield by Boveda can preserve your flower’s quality and consistency, giving you a premium experience every time. Terpene shields protect cannabis trichomes from damage, ensuring terpenes and cannabinoids stay exactly where they belong until it’s time to grind and smoke.

Integra Boost

Integra BOOST® packs use our patented 2-way humidity control technology to expertly adapt to the air around them—either releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to maintain relative humidity (RH) in a contained environment.

Hopefully, this quick lesson on cannabis and humidity will help you protect your terpenes!