How to Keep Your Weed Fresh Longer

Cannabis products and packaging have come a long way in the past few years. Although we have long passed the days of weed in plastic sandwich bags, dried cannabis does have a shelf life. When your buds dry out over time, they lose their freshness, terpenes, and effectiveness. In this article, we will go over the importance of proper weed storage, factors that affect your weed, and ways to protect your weed and keep it fresh.  

Why storing weed properly is important

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of cured cannabis. If it comes into contact with too much moisture, there is a risk of mold and mildew. On the other hand, not enough moisture can cause your buds to be brittle and lose terpenes that affect flavour and potency. 

The best temperature for your weed

There is an ideal temperature for storing weed which is 21 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures can team up with high relative humidity and cause mold and mildew. As mentioned earlier, it can also cause your weed to dry out and lose terpenes. Ideally, you should store your weed in a cool place, like a closet or pantry.  

How light and oxygen affect your cannabis

Known to scientists since 1976, exposure to light and ultraviolet light causes your weed to age and degrade. Prolonged exposure to both light and air will slowly change THC into CBN, which is a cannabinoid that does not provide the same intoxicating effects as THC. When storing your weed, choose an airtight and non-transparent container.  

The best way to store weed

Cannabis cultivators go to great efforts to make sure your dried cannabis is packaged with optimal moisture content. Resealable cans with humidity control packs are just one of the ways a cannabis dispensary may choose to provide the best quality and protection for your buds. While storing weed in mason jars is aesthetically pleasing, this storage method does not protect your weed. Cannabis should be stored in an air-tight container, with as little air as possible, in a cool dark place.  

In the end, the key to extending the shelf life of your cannabis is to minimize exposure to the elements. When grabbing a bud from the container, move swiftly and close the container immediately. Also, make use of humidity control packs to maintain optimal relative humidity!