How To Prevent Greening Out

Greening out is an unpleasant state some find themselves in when they have overconsumed cannabis. There are a few different ways to prevent greening out. While some people have luckily never greened out, most cannabis users have, so there is no shame in being prepared! The greening out experience will be different from person to person but typically the effects include dizziness, paranoia, and at times nausea.  

Symptoms of Greening Out

While the experience of greening out can be unpleasant, it is not possible to die from overdosing on cannabis. Here are a few of the symptoms that will let you know you are in the process of greening out:



-Accelerated heart rate

-Chills and sweating

-Lack of mobility

-Upset stomach


These symptoms usually dissipate in a few hours, but it depends on how your body reacts to the overconsumption of cannabis.  

Tips to Avoid Greening Out

Peer pressure is one reason people experience greening out. It is important to know that greening out is different for everyone and the effects are not correlated to your body weight. Pay attention to your limits and stick to them as greening out can be an embarrassing event.

Avoid consuming cannabis on an empty stomach and stay hydrated, as is recommended with alcohol. This may help prevent greening out, or at the very least, reduce the effects of greening out.

Understand how cannabis is processed by your body and pay attention to dosage. Smoking cannabis will introduce THC into your body faster than edibles. Read all instructions and start slow and increase your intake over time.  

As mentioned before, greening out is an experience most go through at least once. While there are tips and tricks to avoid greening out, remember that there is no real harm if you do find yourself greening out! Sit down, relax with your favourite tv show, and have some snacks. You will be back to normal soon enough, with a fun story to tell your friends.