Tips to Determine the Quality A Strain

Quality is subjective and will mean different things to different people. You may be looking for a fragrant strain packed with terpenes. Others may be looking for strains grown organically or without pesticides. Some may just be looking for value if money is tight. Whatever your definition of “quality,” here are some simple tips to determine the quality of any weed strain.  

1) Smell It  

Good weed is dank or extremely pungent. Common aromas are diesel, jet fuel, and skunk. There may also be sweet notes of berries, citrus, or grapes, depending on the strain. Just know that you shouldn’t catch the scent of things like fresh cut grass or mildewed hay. Make sure what you’re smelling matches the description!  

2) Take a Good Look  

Cannabis buds are the flowering part of the plant, so select based on appearance because flowers should look pretty! Avoid discolouration and all evidence of mildew and bugs. Look for healthy-looking buds with crystallization and bright colouring.  

3) Touch It  

Good weed should feel dry but not crispy. If the buds are too dry, they will crumble, so avoid any that do! The buds should be a bit spongy and just a bit moist. Remember that water does have weight and if you buy overly moist buds, you are paying for water instead of weed! Also, overly moist buds smoke badly and provide great environments for growing mold and mildew, which will make you sick, so avoid them!  

4) Smoke It  

Perhaps most important is the smoke test. When you smoke your weed, it should have a fluffy white/gray ash that does not spark or sputter. Your standard of quality may differ based on personal experience. It will also differ from strain to strain or even within the same strain from different producers. Different people will look for different things, like the right burn, the right aroma, or even the right smoke. Just make sure it smokes to your standards.  

“Quality” is in the eyes of the beholder. Bottom line is that if a strain passes all these tests for you, it is a quality strain!