How To Harvest Your Cannabis Plants

When it comes to harvesting cannabis plants, there are a few different methods. There is no one method that is more proper than the others, but certain ones may be more suitable depending on individual situations. Here are a few recommendations for how to go about harvesting your cannabis plants.  

Pay attention to your plants to determine the best harvest time. When in the flowering phase, yellow fan leaves are a sign of the buds reaching maturity and becoming ready to harvest. Yellow fan leaves are dying fan leaves, and this is because all the resources are being focused on the buds. Another indicator is when the trichomes turn a milky-looking or colour, rather than being clear and glass-like. This is a sign that the THC levels are beginning to reach their ideal potency and flavour. Perhaps the easiest is to follow the suggested harvest time from your seedbank or seed supplier.  

Usually, the plants that receive the most direct light tend to grow faster. This also applies to the buds on your cannabis plant. Some recommend cutting off the top colas and leaving the lower buds for an extra week or two. Others say it is easier to cut the plant just above the root ball with pruners. Whichever way you choose, make sure you use a sharp pair of pruners to make your cuts and leave some branches around your stalks so they can be used for hanging. Remember to remove the fan leaves as they contain moisture and will redirect it to the buds. This should be avoided as it extends the drying process and may lead to the growth of mold.  

If possible, time your harvest. Terpene levels are at their highest at the end of a dark period. This means that the cannabis will be more flavourful and pungent if you make your cuts at the right time. If your grow lamps turn on, it is also fine to turn them off and work with the normal room lighting.  

Growing your own cannabis is a long endeavor but it is satisfying to reap the fruits of your labour. Just remember that your local cannabis dispensary or weed delivery service has you covered if you are looking for some variety!