7 Weed Devices for the Best Cannabis Experience

There are many ways to consume cannabis and many tools for it. Here are some of the best cannabis tools to elevate your experience.  

Top Cannabis Instruments   
1. Grinder

Perhaps one of the most important weed tools is the grinder. Using a grinder ensures your cannabis is evenly broken up, which ensures an even burn. As a bonus, it also collects trichomes which can be used to add some extra potency.

2. Rolling Machine

Rolling the perfect joint can be difficult at times. A rolling machine will help make near-perfect joints every time. All you need to do is add your rolling paper and weed and voila! Rolling machines are a great investment to make your life easier at a low cost.

3. Odour-Proof Bags

Good weed is dank. The smell can often penetrate through many fabrics, so an odour-proof bag is a no-brainer.

4. Lighters or Hemp Wick

A good lighter is essential. When smoking outdoors, consider a wind-proof lighter. As an alternative, a hemp wick is also a safer and more natural way of lighting your weed.

5. Bong and Pipe

Bongs and pipes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can find unique bongs and pipes to suit any personality or environment. There are also many varieties for more practical reasons, such as creating a less harsh smoke or being compact and discrete. Find the perfect one for you!

6. Filters

Highly recommended is a filter for your joints. Like filters on a cigarette, they minimize harsh smoke or cannabis debris when you inhale too hard. This results in a smoother smoke that gives more flavour and aroma.

7. Dag Rig

These are specially designed devices that are used to vaporize concentrates and waxes. While the technique, upfront cost, and numerous accessories may seem overwhelming, dab rigs provide a strong, streamlined effect and intense terpene flavours.

The cannabis industry is always evolving and while there are some trusty cannabis tools that will remain staples, there will always be new and innovative tools to chase the best high!