Cannabis Tools Basics: Pipes (Part I)

Pipes are one of the most common cannabis flower smoking methods. They are comprised of a chamber connected to a hollow rod. Pipes have been used for many years and are here to stay There are wooden pipes, metal pipes, glass pipes, and more. Regardless of your preferences, the choices are endless.  

Pipe Materials

Pipes come in many shapes and sizes and with a little searching, you will be able to find the perfect pipe for your weed. Traditionally pipes are made from wood or metal, but advancements in technology and cannabis culture have created a wide variety of untraditional pipes. Nowadays, pipes are made from glass, silicone, or even crystal and can be found in online dispensaries and in local weed shops.  

Types of Pipes  


These are cylindrical tubes that allow you to pack cannabis into one end and are used like a cigarette. Usually, they hold enough cannabis for one puff or hit, hence the name. One-hitters are usually paired with a “dugout” which is a case for your one-hitter and a few grams of ground cannabis.  


These are unique types of smoking pipes that are only comprised of a straight shape and a conical interior. The straight shape of chillums has been preserved for centuries. While chillums resemble one-hitter pipes, they are different in that they hold much more weed.  

Glass Blunts

These are environmentally friendly alternatives to blunts and joint wraps. Glass blunts are made from a glass cylinder with one open end and a mouthpiece on the other. The mouthpiece is usually attached to an auger that is used to dump out the ash from your burnt cannabis.  

Spoon Pipes

These pipes are made from glass and have a resemblance to a spoon. Spoon pipes can come in various colours and patterns, or even with elaborate designs in a variety of sizes. These pipes tend to be sturdy and easily cleaned.  

That concludes part one of Pipe Basics. Look forward to part two, which will feature Sherlock-style pipes, steamroller pipes, bubbler pipes, foldable pipes, and stealth pipes.