Cannabis Tools Basics: Pipes (Part 2)
Even More Types of Pipes  

Sherlock-style Pipes

These feature a classic style of pipe that has a deep, dramatic “U” shape bend. This “U” shape causes hot smoke and vapour to abruptly change direction and kick out any unwanted debris against the cool surface where it cools and sticks. These pipes take their name and distinctive look from Sherlock Holmes.  

Steamroller Pipes

These are long, glass cylinders with a bowl on top, and two completely open ends. Size-wise they are close to large blunts or bigger. In a sense, steamroller pipes are little handheld dry bongs that are perfect for massive hits and rips.  

Bubbler Pipes

These are cannabis smoking devices that mix features of both pipes and bongs. Bubbler pipes are essentially pipes with a small water chamber attached. Features include portability and cooling of cannabis smoke for a smoother experience. These pipes create a ‘bubbling’ sound hence the name.  

Foldable Pipes

These are simple pipes that are designed to be foldable and functional. They feature small compact forms that are easily morphed into a usable pipe, and back, in mere seconds. Foldable pipes are discrete, lightweight, and come in many designs, sizes, and materials.  

Stealth Pipes

These are small pipes that are camouflaged as a common everyday item. As implied by the name, these pipes are designed for people looking to take a few stealthy tokes. Variations include a pack of gum, lipstick, markers, lighters, and belt buckles. While the idea is intriguing, stealth pipes may not have the same quality as other pipes, so make sure you check out the reviews before making the purchase.  

That concludes our cannabis pipe basics! While there are many options, most serve unique purposes and the best pipe for you can only be found by trying them out in different situations. Hit up your local dispensary or online weed dispensary for all your cannabis pipe needs!