QOTD: Does Cannabis Expire?

Long story short, no, cannabis does not expire. While cannabis is not perishable like food products, the potency, flavour, and aroma can degrade over time. If stored incorrectly, there is also a risk of mold growth. Here’s a guide that covers factors that can decrease the quality of your weed, and how to tell when cannabis is no longer good.  

Factors That Affect Cannabis Shelf Life

Keep your cannabis in a cool area. Heat can dry out your weed and it will also destroy the terpenes, which will result in less flavour and aroma. Overly dry weed will also produce harsh smoke.


Too much moisture will increase the risk of your weed developing mold. Not enough moisture will result in dry weed. Stay within the recommended relative humidity levels. Most of the canned cannabis from High Society 416 comes with a humidity control pack to maintain optimal relative humidity levels.


Both natural and artificial light can reduce the potency of dried cannabis. When exposed to direct light or sunlight THC is converted to CBN, which results in a loss of potency. Our cannabis dispensary canned products come in resealable cans for your convenience.  

How To Tell If Your Cannabis Is Still Good

Older weed will look dry and brittle. Consider the colour, texture, and trichome density. If your weed crumbles between your fingers, it may be well past its prime.


When cannabis ages, it loses its aromas. Old weed may be odourless or musty and hay-like if it is moldy. Taking a sniff is an easy way to tell if your weed has been left for too long.


While old cannabis is safe to consume, it will not be the same as it was at peak freshness. Old weed will have more CBN, rather than THC, and fewer terpenes. This causes a decrease in product potency.  

Understanding the factors that affect cannabis shelf life is vital in obtaining the best cannabis experience. Take a few seconds to protect your weed so your next cannabis session will be as good as the first!